Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Been a Long Time

Once upon a time there was a novice blogger, one Cynical Knitting Gal, who found that as her knitting skills improved her blogging slowed. Interestingly, she did feel this loss and thought about her bloggy friends and had great hopes of returning back to blogland in order to show her current project.

Then, the battery in her digital camera went kaput and she could not find the charger.

So, she has been knitting knitting knitting.

She has only to finish the neck line on Lehu's vest (photos will come when this task is completed).

She has finished the short-row heel on the seconde of the blue striped socks and is rapidly knitting up to the mid-calf length.

She has just returned from a second visit (this time Lehu joined her) to Kalamazoo where she saw Birdie, Birdie's Mama and Birdie's Papa...and Birdie's doggie and two kitties. Alas, when one admires a baby one often neglects photographing certain pets. The gorgeous grey kitty is Ellie. Mr. Peace is not photographed, but looks much like a slender version of our Ruthie.

More photos tomorrow.

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  1. I love third person posts! I'm glad that the two of you enjoyed the visit. I can't wait to see the pictures of the vest and the socks. I love short row heels, but I am working on a pair for my father-in-law that use a heel flap....yuk.

    Ruthie is such a sweet cat. I wish Eraser would be more of a lap cat, but she is my guard cat.....no one gets in to see the mommy without her permission.


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