Thursday, October 11, 2007

Photos as Promised

I know that I promised photos of the sock. In the last photo, I have included sock number one in order to prove that it is in existence. I had some fear of becoming a one sock wonder, but now that I have the hang of it, I am actually planning out my next pairs. I have three different sock yarns waiting to be knitted up into something fabulous. In time, my friends, in time.

I am now considering looking for interesting but not too complicated sock patterns. I am open to suggestions, though I know I have a sock book (I don't remember the title) and maybe there will be some in there I could try.

Oh, it is thank you thursday. I am thankful for Birdie's Mama and Papa, Lehu, Birdie, my kitties and Gracie, vacation time from work, autumn (it's almost chilly today -- yay!!), dishwashers, Irish Breakfast Tea with equal and skim milk, bamboo knitting needles, nice neighbors, computers, digital cameras.


  1. The socks look wonderful. And you're using DPN's. I am so spioled now that I have been doing socks on two circulars. A really easy pattern is RPM. I found it on Knitty and I have the link on my Raverly Projects. Email me if you want it as a link in email and its yours. Can't wait to see more socks!

    I love your list of things that you are thankful for!

  2. Seriously, every month I try to remember to return your sock book to you and I keep forgetting...I really am going to try to make it happen this month! Your socks look great! :)

  3. Welcome back- glad it was a good trip. Can't wait to see the sweater. :) From your 1/10th sock wonder friend. And the 1/10th is the part you did for me. heehee

  4. Mandy, I haven't been ready for a new sock pattern until now...there is plenty of time to get that book back. No problem.

    Lisa, thanks for the link! I'll check it out.

    Sarah, hop to it, that Trekking you have to knit Barbie dresses is good stuff and I might steal it if you don't start knitting it ha ha ha.


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