Sunday, January 11, 2009

...and she sews too (sorta)

This is a yoga mat bag prototype.  I haven't done much sewing ... and mostly quilts.  I don't usually understand the chess-like thinking involved in planning a sewn piece.  I decided it is a yoga mat bag cover.  I did the toggle button (not sewn on yet).  I will proceed to a new one now. 

I'm going to try a denim one next from old jeans.  


  1. It's more than I could do so I'm impressed.

  2. More pics, please. Can't see the top properly. :) It looks quite professional, all those nice seams etc

  3. Wendy - thanks !

    Sarah - it only LOOKS really isn't. It is functional though. Just needs a handle/strap so I can carry it.


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