Thursday, January 15, 2009


You can't know how cold it is...but it is pretty.


  1. I know you are much colder than we are but DARN it's cold here! Tonight it's going into the single digits with below zero wind chill!

    I want some white would make being cold worth it!

  2. It is not even close to cold here as it is for you(low of +27F for us tonight)but as Robin said, at least you have the white stuff to make it worth it! Here in Southeast Louisiana, we just have cold with worries about our exposed pipes and no snow...

    ...although we did get some snow last month!
    -ps- loved the yoga mat bag!

  3. It's so cold in NYC today that I kept Hedgie home from school and we're sitting by the fire roasting our toes! Stay warm!

  4. I will not even tell you what the temp is here in the desert! (You will NOT want to know!) Keep warm!


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