Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cynical Gal Becomes a Mad Hatter?

First, a little slide show of the Tuscan Sunrise Button hat. A pattern I fashioned after seeing the g'zillions of these types of hats at the mall the other night. It was really fun to make! I love Lorna's Laces base fiber ... it is so so so soft.

And this one is jigsaw lace, in the round (so fun, once I go the hang of it). I am calling this one

Jigsaw for Jilly D.

because the hat is for a friend.

It is Debbie Bliss and it is super soft, I think it's just cotton and something but I can't lie:
1. I don't have the ball band
2. It is made from yarn I picked out before I knew how to knit, and my mom made me a scarf that was too wide and too I ripped that and made this hat and will be making another methinks. I know, I am a thankless child.

Happy New Year!


  1. You're hat mad!!! And those are beautiful.

  2. Mad Hatter....hehe, that has such a funny connotation....but seriously, I love the hats! I have to learn how, as my motorcycle riding relatives are asking for them to wear under their helmets....

  3. Both hats are great! Where are your patterns? I keep waiting to see one pop up somewhere... :)


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