Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dogs on Thursday - no progress on the SOTSii

After finishing the fourth clue on the SOTSii, I decided I needed a break from it for a while. After I finish the taxes I will pick it back up. I've made some progress on the tomato though, sorry no photo...need to just wait on that I guess.

As for Dogs on Thursday, Gaylen wrote the funniest post about a new food bowl that Dudley has. It made me giggle out loud which was exactly what I needed.

Gracie is doing well. She's asleep right now and dreaming with little squeaky woofs and running motion of her legs. So adorable. I should make a movie of that...


  1. Good luck on the SOTSii. Give Gracie a scratch from us and we wish her well.

  2. Good luck with the taxes!

    I read that post about the dog bowl, it was cute!

  3. Sure would like to know what they dream about sometimes.

  4. I love when they do that! Ella says Hi to Gracie! (She's been stalking a lizard in the tree in our backyard. Hasn't got him yet!) Take care! :)

  5. I have been so behind on my blog reading, I didn't even see that you linked to me. I don't think I'm that funny - but maybe I am, on occassion. Glad I could give you a giggle :) g

  6. Yes, finish the taxes and give your mind a break. Mindless knitting for at least two weeks after taxes! I can't wait to see the progress on the stole when you get back to it!


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