Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Traveling Stole Update

I feel really good about my decision to start over. I'm almost to row 42 and it is going really well. I have a system, my tension is good, the design looks clear and my count is perfect. It is nice, when life is chaotic and stressfull to feel we have some control over something so if it is a 100% Merino Mystery Stole KAL, so be it.

I made it to California safely, the new flight got me here an hour earlier than I would have if I had taken the original flights which is really cool, and the one hour delay didn't bother me at all since I was very focused on knitting my stole. I have photos of my set up but cannot show them since I am "borrowing" computer time right now. I promise full disclosure when I return to my home computer.

Funny story, Lehu called me last night and said, "I read your blog...k2tog." She said it like it was a word, which I found rip-roaring hilarious...but then realized that for my non-knitting readers I ought to put in a translation. This means you, Birdie's Mama: k2tog is Knit two stitches together. Sorry for the confusion, and Lehu, thanks for that laugh. Love you!!


  1. glad that the stole is behaving now. and i would have done the exact same thing - rip it out.

    enjoy your time in california where it's not SNOWING! i am so envious... : )

  2. wish i was on row 42!!!
    still loitering around row 10!!


  3. Hurrah! I can once again live vicariously through your stole as well! I'm glad that it is "behaving". Enjoy the warmth while you can.....and a special hurrah for our non-knitting spouses.

  4. it's not only not snowing, the weather is GLORIOUS! We still have a couple of more months for rain, then it turns miserbly hot, but for right now, it's perfect. CKG, do try to get to see the capitol bldg while you're here; it's really worth the excursion. If you see a bunch of seemingly rational adults with large resin ball -jointed dolls, stop by and say hi. (The capitol grounds are a favorite meeting spot.)

  5. Sweet. All I have to say is ssk does NOT mean slip, slip, knit one.


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