Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Okay, I'll Tell you the Story of the Stole

But first, I need to tell you about a few other things. I will organize this post by topic, in the interest of continuity.

CKG Travels

Today, I am going to visit my sister Teddy (not her real name, she chose this name b/c it is after Teddy Roosevelt. I always kind of admired Eleanor, she admired Theodore). In order to get from here to there, I have to take an airplane. I am not a big fan of air travel and I abhor airports and cramped airline seats. I also hate waiting, but knitting has really helped with that.

So, this morning, being the anxious traveler that I am, I got online and confirmed my seats and printed out my e-tickets. Then I proceeded with my morning tea, taking care of Gracie, cleaning the cat boxes, finishing laundry, packing suitcase, getting parcel ready for my SITMT Pal, doing a little work stuff, getting distracted... at 12 we were supposed to leave for the airport so I could check in and be all ready for my 2:00 flight.

At 11:30 I got online to check status of my flight. It is flurrying snow today in Chicago after all. I had quite a day of travel ahead of me, a flight from Chicago to Phoenix then another from Phoenix to Sacramento. I packed a few projects, including the stole, so I was ready.

Typed in my flight number and up came my itinerary, only on the bottom of the flight info it said, in red flight canceled OMG, I took a deep breath and tried not to panic. Then I called the airline, dutifully as instructed by the note below my canceled flight information.

"Yes ma'am, that flight was canceled due to air traffic control issues. We have transferred you to flight #### which is operated by -------. It leaves at 3:10 pm and flies direct from Chicago, arriving in Sacramento at 5:38 pm."

"Wait, really, say that again."

"Yes ma'am, that flight was canceled due to air traffic control issues. We have transferred you to flight #### which is operated by -------. It leaves at 3:10 pm and flies direct from Chicago, arriving in Sacramento at 5:38 pm."

"Well, that's good news."

The customer service rep then told me that details of what I need to do etc. to make sure I'm checked in and all. Then she asked if I wanted to rent a car.

"No thanks."

I was thrilled. I am arriving a couple hours earlier and leaving an hour later. And, I don't have to change planes. And I didn't have to pay any extra. Score, people. Total score.

The Stole

On Friday, I was in the vet's office (I spend a lot of time there). Our appointment was at 2 and they usually come and get Gracie at 2 and I end up waiting around for an hour or two while they do what they do and wait for lab work. Then I get to talk to the doctor, pay, get my dog and go home. The time I wait is solid knitting time. No interruptions, unless you include the emergencies that come in, or the people I chat with on occasion.

Back to the stole. I was reading my knitting at row 53 or something and realized that I missed a whole lacey rib on the left side. First I tried isolating the problem and reknitting, but that was less than successful. Then I was thinking about how I really want this stole to be right, and that if I start fudging here and there, it is only going to get worse as the pattern continues. It felt like a really responsible (overly perfectionist) decision.

Here's the conversation I had with myself:

"You just did a K3tog and there isn't one in the pattern at that point."

"So, it looks fine." Then I looked at it. "So, it is not like the pattern or the countless other ones that people have done."

"Told you so."

"Maybe I will just fix this part." And, it seemed to be working out kind of.

"Admit it, your head is spinning and you are not following the chart, and you are only in the middle of clue 2."

I am really okay with this, folks. I think that the errors I make happen because I'm distracted by tv or by Gracie or my thoughts. It is almost an exercise in learning to let it be. Plus, I've done clue one about 4 times now from start to finish. I'm guessing this time will be a breeze.


  1. Wow....quite an adventure already and you haven't even made it to Teddy's house....

    Can't wait for an update and pictures of the stole!

    Safe travels!

  2. So, your final decision was to start again? What row are you on at this point? If you didn't start the stole over again, call it a design element and move on. It really will be your unique stole!

    How was your visit? Happy Travels!


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