Monday, February 11, 2008

Maudlin Monday

...we interrupt the previously scheduled Winter Doldrums, "It is too freaking cold outside," the dog is sick, etc. message to bring you the following story about two of the three fantastic felines that share our lives:

Georgie really wanted a soda on Sunday. Sadly, his heroic efforts left him soda-less but got him a lot of attention and love. He is awfully cute. He's also persistant, but then he noticed his tail and started to play with it.

Miss Ruthie has found a new favorite spot, on my ottoman with the quilt. She looks like a princess...doesn't she. Tell her yes, she won't believe anything less anyway. Idgie was not anywhere to be photographed this weekend. She was a smart one, focused on curling up and warming up.

Stay warm for those of you in colder climates. Keep sending us healthy hopes for Miss Gracie.

P.S. I frogged my whole stole again. Don't ask. Suffice it to say that if learning is the goal with this project, THAT is being fulfilled. My Product Knitter status has come into question more than once, and I'm somehow enjoying the re-doing of that lace project.


  1. Oh noooo! The stole!!!!! Even past the life-line? That's really sad. You deserve some special treat.

  2. Ruthie is most certainly a princess. Eraser says she needs a tiara as well.

    Sassy is with Georgie and thinks that they both should get soda.

    Onyx wishes she could send all of her furry friends in your house the warm weather we have had.

    I can't wait to hear more about why the stole is frogged yet again.....

  3. I like the picts of your cats. I don't know if Ella actually knows what a cat is (she'd probably want to chase them like she does the rabbits!). Take care, and woof's to Gracie.

  4. aaahhh... they're gorgeous!
    i know you said don't ask... but you know i'm curious about the stole. i finished clue 3 - but have yet to start clue 4.
    (and i'm completely with you on the need to stay warm!)

  5. Ahh, cute animal pictures are always fun to see!

    You ripped the WHOLE stole?! Wow, you're braver than I!


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