Tuesday, January 29, 2008

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I've knit and unknit rows 19-30 about three, no four, times. It has been hard to concentrate. I ordered some Addi Lace needles to continue this, but I'll say that I quite like the Crystal Palace Bamboo needles, the points are absolutely fabulous on those girls.

I'll put a picture up later...I really want to finish clue 1 before I photograph again...plus I'm going to put a lifeline in so you'll be able to see that too.


I know that she has her own blog and all, but that won't stop me from mentioning her here. She actually wanted to play last night for the first time in three weeks! She was so cute that I laughed and laughed. I'm so enamored of this dog. She's still got wacky side-effects to the prednisone and we are hoping for good news on her labs on Thursday when we go to the vet.

Two Days Until LOST Premiere

Um, it's true. Lehu and I are ready for LOST. I admit that last summer we watched not 1, not 2, but 3 seasons in rapid succession.

It was mostly the fact that Birdie's Mama likes the show that made me interested, and I think that Elizabeth Mitchell was what interested Lehu the most. Either way, we are intrigued, horrified, fascinated and curious about what is yet to come.


  1. pleased to hear that gracie is up to playing these days. that's always a good sign.
    sots ii... hmmm... i finished clue 1, but haven't been able to get anywhere near clue 2... considering that i don't like to fall behind, that will likely be my friday night knitting - no sleep 'til it's done!

  2. Hurrah! Gracie is wanting to play! Excellent news!

    I am living vicariously through you and MissMe with the SOTS II....perhaps I'll make one some day....

    No comment on why Lehu watches Lost....Wifey has her favorites too...Selma, Mary Stuart Masterson, Helen Hunt....Kate Walsh, I'm sure that there are more...

  3. Ella's glad Gracie is playing! Woof! Woof!

  4. Oh, by the way you make my day!! Have a great one! :)

  5. That's totally the best way to watch TV shows, IMO. I actually prefer to wait until a full season (or two) comes out on DVD and then watching it as one cohesive unit. And it's lost--gotta love it.


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