Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dogs on Thursday and SOTSii Status

I've been posting nearly every day to Gracie's Blog. But here is our girl all curled up in a green blanket. She is feeling better, last week the labs came back promising (the meds were working).

We have had some very stressful medication side effects, and some less stressful ones...but all in all I hope she's on the mend. The frog toy that has been her favorite throughout this illness is from the Dogs on Thursday holiday swap. Gracie's bloggy friends, The Princess and Kati, sent it (with a lot of other goodies).

I finally made it past row 30. I'm on row 37 and I switched to addi Turbo Lace in size 2 (which are slightly bigger than the Crystal Palace 2s that I have, but that seems to be okay).

I am getting the hang of it and can manage to fix errors relatively easily. The addis have been an adjustment, but not a BIG one. I'm very very pleased.

I'm taking Gracie to the vet today for her second re-check post hospitalization so I will probably have time to knit today while I wait for them to do what they do.


  1. Wonderful news about Gracie!

    I can't wait to see more progress on the looks beautiful so far.....

    BTW - I love the Leave your Comment changes above!

  2. Good news about Gracie, bless her heart...she' looks so sweet!

  3. Gracie looks happy with her new toy :) So sweet. Nice job so far on the stole, can't wait to see more!

  4. Sounds like she's doing better, which is good. :)

    The lace is coming along, too! You're a far better knitter than I--I'm not one for thin lace yarn and tiny needles!

  5. Oh! I am so glad to see that Gracie loves the frog! I love the toys that make cute sounds instead of just the plain ol' squeeker! Kati absolutely adores the silly monkey too! :) Glad to hear Gracie is getting some good news!


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