Sunday, January 27, 2008

My How Your Stash Has Grown

Or, thanks, Mom - you ROCK!

It was Christmas Eve, 2007, and my mom called me.

"Go to this website and pick out what you want."

"Wait, I just walked in the door...what's going on?"

"This company is going out of business and this other one is selling grab bags for really good prices."

"But I don't really need any more yarn." I know, can you believe I said that OUT LOUD?!

"Just go to the web site and look."

So, I pulled out my lap top and turned it on...the fan whirred as I waited for the wireless to connect. Then, I clicked on my Mozilla icon in the sys tray, typed in the web address of and voila, grab bags of yarn valued at $99 were priced to move at $25 each. After clicking submit, my mom decided to have the package shipped to me instead of to her. Ooh, and I will be getting a package too...I thought. I was kind of excited about it at that point.

Imagine my surprise when on Friday, January 25, I got a package...address to me at a but similar but different address. Thank goodness for the post office's need to deliver.

Below is a movie depicting the contents of the aforementioned and pictured "grab bags." Don't be jealous...if you are a contest winner, or if you are a secret pal of some just might find some of this stash in your parcel.


  1. What a great mom you have!!! And now some great additions to your stash as well!

  2. That is awesome. You got some great stash enhancement!!!

  3. Your mom rocks! The stach enhancements are wonderful.....dabbing the drool from the corners of my mouth....

  4. Wow what a great package and how lucky that your mailperson was paying attention. (Hope Gracie is doing ok - I need to go check.) g

  5. yummy...! you have some great looking yarn there, and love the music. k.d. is of course a canadian gal!

  6. You crack me up. Who else do I know that would set yarn to music (and such appropriate music)? no one. You rock!


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