Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dogs on Thursday

First order of business is to thank Katie and Krystle for the great package for the Dogs on Thursday Exchange. I'll admit I was WOWed by the sheer volume of goodies in the package and feel a bit humbled by the meager token I sent their way in December...THANK YOU! As you can see, Gracie loves the frog and has taken it into her life quite seamlessly.

Gracie also got a new bear for the holidays. The other bear has been through the washer, in the yard, in her mouth, on the floor, EVERYWHERE, and has still quite a lot of life left in him. She had some difficulty choosing. Right now she is curled up with the new frog and a new bear. Happy doggies are so cute.

And, just for equal cat time, a picture of Idgie (black and white, on the left) and Georgie (big guy on the right) in their typical evening poses. Georgie is doing okay. He's taking two medications twice a day. Thank goodness he's easy to pill. We are lucky that way.

Happy Thursday.


  1. OMG - Makes you just want to scoop them all up and give them big love! I can't wait to get home now and somther mine with love....

  2. Ella says "Woof" to Gracie and that she likes her frog! :)

  3. I am so glad that the DOT ornament swap was a fun event!
    Gracie looks so peaceful and so do the kitties!

  4. Gracie looks so dear with her new frog. And, we have a black and white kitty, too. Her name is Esau Marie.


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