Friday, February 1, 2008

Snowy Sick Day

Boo. All this taking care of others stuff is catching up with me. I've been sniffly all week, and yesterday one of my clients told me, "you sound like I did last week, it's going to go into your chest next." I was thinking, no freaking way, I have things to do.

He was right.


Oh, and it's been snowing since I left to take Gracie to the vet yesterday. It took me 30 minutes to get to the vet and 2 hours to get home. It is very beautiful, but a real show stopper in terms of leaving the house to get anything done.

Georgie (the male representative from our household) contemplated the snow, then turned around and returned to the door. This is a cat who will normally cry by the door. He was supposed to be an indoor kitty after we adopted him, and he has been. Except when he escapes. Snow is a deterrent. Apparently.

But Gracie, even with her illness and drug side-effects...really loves the snow. I know I'm biased, but I think she's gorgeous even with her pred head (that's what the vet tech called it yesterday).

We had some medication changes yesterday. Details of her illness have been relegated to her blog.

Have a great Friday. Gracie says 'woof' if you are interested.


  1. Snow looks beautiful but I'm with Georgie....Stay indoors.

    I'm glad that Gracie sent a 'Woof" out to us. I'll head to her blog for details....

    Get better QUICK!

  2. Oh man, I wish I got a snowy sick day! Except for the being sick part. Instead I just have to trudge through tons of unshoveled snow to go to stupid school, which is never, ever canceled. WAH!

  3. She looks so cute in the snow. I hope that you both are feeling better soon. I'm going to add her blog to my roll and keep up with her.

  4. Ella wants you to tell Gracie that she thinks that snow looks really, really cold! I, too, have been suffering from the 'crud' this week! Lots of Vitamin C helps! Take care, feel better!! :)

  5. Oh no! I was hoping you were playing hookey...take care and hope to see you soon!

  6. I just wanted to let you know that you won my Sweater Contest! Email me at p3knitter AT gmail DOT com, and let me know which skein of yarn that you want! Congrats!

  7. Oh I live snow! It is always soo beautiful! And Gracie looks just precious in it! Glad to hear that she is feeling well enough to still enjoy some of the things she loves! :)


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