Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holy Glitter Batman!

Holiday Knitting was finished and wrapped (complete with a care instructions card I made) by 8:30 am on Christmas Eve. The actual knitting was done the 23rd. And, all gifts were received with such joy, what a nice response.

The photo to the left is a gift that Lehu and I got from one of her sisters. It is shedding glitter ALL. OVER. THE. HOUSE. And, it is not my style (and certainly not Lehu's style). I'm going to either take it to a white elephant party, or I am going to try and take it back to Target where she got it. Have I mentioned that there is glitter everywhere?!

Lehu and I exchange gifts with one another on Hanukkah, which has been over for a while now. For Christmas, we are more the gift givers than we are the receivers, which is fine. I really enjoy getting gifts for Lehu's nieces and nephews.

Two of the nieces are knitting (one other one is too, but I didn't know), and I got each a different beginning knitting book. One is really into cool scarves so I got her Lion Brand's Just Scarves, two skeins of yarn (she picked out the color), and a set of bamboo needles. I cast on for her on Christmas Eve. It was so fun.

The other knitting niece got Shannon Okey's Knitgrrl 2, and some yarn that her sister picked out for her, and bamboo needles. I cast on for her too.

I am almost finished (two more rounds plus grafting) with the tubular bind-off on the first SITMT sock. I have abandoned the idea of the cable cuff from Cat Bordhi's Socks Soar book. I tried and decided that the heel and new design was enough adventure for this pair of socks. Gracie was resting and posed so beautifully with the sock (pre tubular cast off).

Happy Holidays!


  1. LOL what you don't like the basket? But you are such a glitteratzi! :)

  2. WHAT! Gliter is not your style?! I'm glad that I know that now before I send the Pay-It-Forward items.....

    Seriously, the sock it great! Gracie is such a perfect model with it too. Your sock pal will love them!


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