Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Knitting Nearly Complete

Ooh ahhh! My KnitPicks order came...the Shadow 100% Merino in Sunset came today. I'm going to use this lovely goodness for the SOSii (Secret of the Stole 2).

I also finished another Christmas hat. I decided that my trademark is some kind of funky topper. This one is from Plymouth Colourspun DK (used it double-stranded to make it go faster). I have yet to decide who gets what hat...but we shall see.

Tomorrow we have plans to go see a show at the Steppenwolf Theatre. It won't be uplifting, but I appreciate good theatre. But, in the morning and late evening, I'll be wrapping gifts like crazy since I have to work on Monday morning.

Yippee skippy. One more scarf to go and the Christmas Knitting 2007 is complete.


  1. that sunset colourway looks lovely - better than it does on the knitpicks site! and the hat - too cute. i'm sure whoever gets it will be thrilled.

    merry christmas!!!

  2. SOSii? Dunno what that means but it looks very pretty. Congrats on your knitting progress. My sewing progress has been somewhat hampered by a massive Christmas dinner with friends from church and a nice nap after- back to work now! :)

  3. I hope that you got everything finished! I also hope that you enjoyed the theatre.

    I also hope that you and Lehu had a wonderful Christmas and I can't wait to see what you got!

  4. Beautiful yarn! I bet it will make a beautiful stole.
    No Christmas knitting done this year, I think I am going to get an early start on next year.


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