Saturday, November 24, 2007

Knitting Frenzy

Why is it that whenever I have to make two of something they always look like crazy cousins instead of siblings, much less identical siblings.

I have come to accept the idea I read about in the Yarn Harlot's Meditations for Women Who Knit too Much book about self patterning socks being expected to have fraternal rather than identical twins. At least I sort of have accepted this.

As an aside, my mission on my next pair of self-patterning socks is to try and make them at the same time and hopefully they will match because I will have developed a magical ability to make the patterning in the dye shift at will...

I've enjoyed reading lots of Thankful lists. I started the socks for my SITM Twice Swap Pal, but I've also made 4 mittens, none of which looks remotely like the others. Ugh.


  1. I am fanatic about socks matching! LOL Actually the women at my LYS tell me I am anal. What I do is pull out the color for quite a while to see how the colors change. Then I choose the end of one color and beginning of another to start the sock. I only knit one sock at a time, so I have a little notebook that I keep notes in and I write down where I started the sock in the yarn pattern. Age makes me forget if I don't write it down. Then when I start the second sock I pull until I come to the same color change. The only time this didn't work is when I did some tiger-colored socks for hubby. They weren't self-striping, but the pattern should have been the same, and it wasn't. Oh well, he still wears them Take care!

  2. WOW, you've already started the socks....I'm still learning about my spoilee. I can't wait to see the mittens, even though they are not twins. I have been teaching myself to knit two socks at the same time and I am liking it. I'll post some "results" later this week....


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