Friday, November 2, 2007

It is Friday People

I really love to drink coffee. Especially on these chilly (love them) mornings. Trouble is that I can never seem to get the proportions quite right on the water to coffee ratio. Today turned out more like espresso so I made an upside down latte (milk first, much much better imho). It is great! I'm drinking it from my extra large size mug with the Chicago skyline on it.

I really have been knitting, just haven't taken the time to get the pictures off the camera, on the computer and into the blog. Forgive me, please.

Today's photo may seem a little random. It is one of the windows in our living room, one of the major reasons I fell in love with this house back in 2000 (we closed in April 2000).


  1. I love these kind of windows. They are so romantic. Are all the windows like this?


  2. Just two in the living room, they match each other.


  3. So beautiful :) I love homes with character.

  4. It is a beautiful window. So is your dog.

    I make terrible coffee too. I don't know why since I can cook and bake pretty well. Coffee still eludes me though.


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