Thursday, November 1, 2007

Dogs on Thursday

What a looker she is. I know that I am incredibly biased. But I just love her so much! She has been an angel in my life for sure. So, in honor of Dogs on Thursday, I give you Gracie.


  1. I agree! She is beautiful! Great pic :)

  2. She is very beautiful!! :) Gracie is a great name too. My middle name is Grace and when I got Abigail the lady who was fostering her called her Abigail I knew she was right for me. :)

  3. Gracie is beautiful. How lucky you are indeed. Goldens are the best. Check out my Handsome Oliver. He sends a wink and a woof to Gracie!

  4. What a beautiful lady! Don't you just love having a dog and cats together. It is the best of both worlds!


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