Saturday, November 10, 2007

I thought she'd light each candle individually...

No, I didn't go downtown for the lighting of the tree at Marshall Field's, um I mean Macy's Walnut Room on State Street. (photo is from

We just watched the news on WGN. This is a Superstation so you too could enjoy Chicago News if you were so inclined. The tree lighting was among the top stories. Mayor Daley spoke about going to the Walnut Room with his parents and with his kids around the holidays. Martha Stewart talked about the ornaments, German Kugels, that she is reviving this year. When the lights were lit, Lehu said, "I'm disappointed, I thought Martha would light each individually." I wondered who knew that the Kugel was in need of resuscitation? Besides, I always thought Kugel was a noodle pudding.

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