Thursday, November 8, 2007

Dogs on Thursday

Miss Gracie was deeeeeelighted to get her parcel from Dogs on Thursday (after participating the the Halloween costume parade). The stinkier the treats the better, she says.

And, the tennis ball has the colors of the Chicago Cubs. Yes, we are still Cubs fans. Forever and always. The photo is of our two comedians: George and Gracie. Say g'night Gracie...


  1. Aren't they so cute. I just love dogs that like cats and vice versa. It's okay to be a CUbs fan, as long as Stacey Dales stays off tv in the off season we're good with Chicago teams.....

  2. George and Gracie look like good friends. I am glad to see that we are not the only people that let their pups sit on the furniture. My pup loves the bed and the couch. I have to put a blanket over the couch every time I leave the house. (He is a Golden too. Maybe they really think they are people??!!)

  3. That is Gracie's chair, she lets the cats sit on the top of it to look out the window (if she's not resting her head on it looking out the window).

    Yes, I do think they think they are people. Hilarious!


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