Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dogs on Thursday

So, I had to go get new dog food for Miss Gracie last week and somehow I always come home with toys and treats too. This time, I got a really neat blue plush toy that makes a moo kind of sound when you squeeze the center and squeakers in the four paw parts of it.

Well, Gracie is a little freaked out by it. She barks at it, she looks at it and jumps up on us as if the plush toy might hurt her. Poor doggie, she really isn't a fearful kind of dog...

Happy Thursday people.

Knitting update:

I have been painting ornaments and other things lately. Not as much knitting as I would really like to be doing (although I might need to clone myself to make that happen).

I have 4 balls of Tahki New Tweed (LOVE IT) so I'm making mittens for my mom, and perhaps a hat? I don't know.

I finally have a rhythm going with the socks I am making for I don't know who yet.

My sonnett is on hold, I think I'm really wanting to finish the smaller gift projects first.

I gifted the blue stripey socks. I can't believe I actually finished those. I think I really liked that Austermann Steppe yarn a lot. I still have a bit of sock yarn to make into pretty things so buying anymore for a while. And, I really want to try other brands. Right now I have two pairs worth of Norwegian wool that my mom (LOVE HER) brought back from Norway for me; some gorgeous Kaffe Fasset Regia (thanks, Lisa for the recommendation).

I have cut myself off from Ravelry for a few days since it is keeping me from actually knitting. I did go to a Knitting Group on Sunday though and met some really neat and energetic group.


  1. Gotta love a dog toy that moos :) Gracie looks appropriately confused: "Do I bite it? Herd it? Or what?" Norwegian wool...sounds yummy.

  2. Gracie is adorable with the wave. I might have to agree with her on a toy that moos at me. I need to post one of Onyx with her monkey....

  3. Gracie is adorable! She should be in the movies. Such talent...that wave was wonderful. I hope you appreciate how talented she is. Oliver made me play the clip about 20 times. He thinks Gracie is hot!

    I think she is sweet...thanks for the clip. My big brave boy is afraid of new toys too!

  4. Hehe, I think your dog is more interested in the camera than in the toy! So cute!

  5. Poor Grace! Can you regift it to one of the cats? ;)

  6. Love the wave! My Baci does a high-five :) Happy DOT to you too.

  7. Gotta Love It! That is soo cute! Diamond is afraid of a stuffed softy I received in a swap, it's is soo funny!
    Good luck staying away from Ravelry...

  8. Yes ravelry can do that to a person! Although, I'm not on it that much, because it interfers in my knitting time and to me I have too little as it is! :) Take Care!


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