Friday, September 28, 2007

A Project Unfinished

This amazing creation was nearly completed by Birdie's Grandma. When I was visiting Birdie and her Mama (and the rest of the fam) Birdie's Mama found this. I have agreed, with incredible humility, to complete the project. Once I do, it is something that Birdie's Grandma can wear.

Here's the problem: the wool left for the button band and neck isn't the same dye lot and - therefore - looks odd. I am very open to suggestions. *VERY OPEN*

And...look what else Birdie's Mama found !!! Try not to be jealous...and stop drooling all over your darn keyboard. You are just going to have to clean it up and you still won't have this lovely Aran 10-Ply Stormy Ridge Station Grey Pure New Wool from New Zealand and I will. Oh, did I tell you that I have four hanks (?) each at approx 330 meters/ 200 grams!!

330 meters = 360.9 yards courtesy of google calculator.

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  1. Wow. :) Would it work to use the different dye lot as a contrast band? My goodness, you are a bighearted person (no shock to me, but still impressive). Good luck!


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