Friday, September 28, 2007

Back to Work

Oh my gosh. I just went through and read some of my fave blogs and Roro has been busy busy with hers. I must say that the three weeks of truffles is tres fabu! And, I will admit that sugar being the troublesome presence in my life that it is, it is nice to see others enjoying it so!

The post about the dog bed cracks me up. Gracie normally sleeps with hers in her mouth and for some reason I can't find one like that...but I did find several other rather indicative of her silliness. Note: the one with bows was the first (and last) time that ever happened. The groomer (who we really do love) didn't realize that Gracie though she looks all pretty and femme is really not.

As I write, she is on her bed. It is upside down because she carries it around the house with her. It is also crunched up a bit and her stuffed bear is within grabbing distance in the case that she might need to get up and go somewhere without the bed.

I love this dog. Can you tell?


  1. Such a sweet post. It makes me miss Mitzi and Billy all the more. Perhaps we will get a new puppy before the end of hte year....

  2. Oh my goodness, what a cutie! I'm so pleased to know that Emmy's not the only one who likes to sleep in unorthodox positions.


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