Sunday, August 19, 2007

Now, I'm Saying Something

I made friends with Creative Finishing today. CF is an old friend from my crochet days (a.k.a. Before Knitting [BK]. Not in any way to be confused with Burger King.

But I digress - already.

All that is left on the stripey baby sweater - and to go with the fruit names we will call it Blue Candy Cane. It is just in need of sewing up the sides (the sleeves are all done, phew), sewing on the buttons (and snaps...the buttons are just for show).

How cute!!! I just love it. I made it from Knit Picks Shine worsted weight. It's really soft but not as slippery as the King Cole Smooth was, likely due to the cotton, which I appreciated. And, it's machine washable.

This is the first sweater I have not made from top down.


  1. The sweater looks great! I know that the baby will love it...:)

  2. It is wonderful and any new mother/parent should be proud to receive such a gift. I can;t wait to see how it looks when you get the buttons on. And snaps are a new parent's best friend.


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