Saturday, August 18, 2007

I didn't want to say anything...

I wanted the baby sweater making project to go without a hitch. And it was going without a hitch. That is until it came time to attach the pieces together. No, the three needle bind-off didn't phase me in the least (it was actually fun). And, I can handle whip-stitch. Or so I thought.

The thing with whip-stitch is that your knit stitches need to match up in order to work. I have the funniest feeling that Gauge has something to do with this. But the jury's still out on that one.

I'll admit that I skipped the "block the pieces to the finished measurements" step. This could be part of of the problem. I also think that the sleeves might need to be a bit longer.

But, I am okay. I am comfortable frogging (for non-knitters, this means to rip-it rip-it). Really, I am.

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  1. Funny how Guage and Blocking lead to most of our challenges....I know that you will overcome!


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