Friday, August 24, 2007

Phew, It's Friday

A little bit of Thank You Thursday and Phew It's Friday...

I am thankful for:

Lehu's sense of humor
My sense of humor
Knitting needles

Phew! It's Friday. I have had a busy week, lots of knitting and working (certainly not in that order). I am to the last several inches on the Blueberry! I am thinking about what sort of edge I will do on the neckline. For the bottom and the sleeves I plan to do a knitted in straight (ahem) hem.

Actually walked and ran with Gracie this week, it was a blast. Then came the rain and storms. But it's not as bad as other areas so I feel that complaining would be far to narcissistic. But, what the heck, I'm a little narcissistic so here goes...there were 70 mile winds in the city yesterday. Duh, right, the Windy City. But you know that comes from more than just weather. (Photo is one I took from the Architectural Boat Tour Lehu and I took the day after our wedding in 1998. It is the Wrigley Building, my favorite building, for future reference.)

Anyway, so, the weather...there were giant trees uprooted in front of the clinic building where I work. Holy Cow!! (another little Chicago reference -- Go Cubs 1/2 game ahead of Milwaukee, gee it feels like deja vu). The entire side of this brick building collapsed and part of the roof too.

I drove on the sidewalk at Ravenswood and Montrose since there was a pond under the viaduct. I have more empathy for flood survivors than I did before, I will tell you that.

Have a great one! More knitty pics tomorrow...including a pic of my purchases from Stitches. Ooh yeah!


  1. Hey...I found some vest patterns at that might work. If you go to their site, go to archives, and then choose vests from the drop down menu it will list all of their older vest patterns. I thought that "Diamonds," "Leftovers," or "Petrol" might work. Wasn't that weather crazy yesterday?!!!

  2. GO CUBS!!!! Hope you have a great weekend.

  3. Glad that you survived the crazy weather. Funny, Houston has a Montrose as well. I wonder how many other streets we have in common....

    Can't wait to see pictures of the finished sweater, straight hem and all. Very impressive!

    Love the bots tour picture. Those are so much fun, and romantic too!

  4. Glad the PLACE you work at was not hit by a tree.. :) I hope things are FANTASTIC with you. I am busy and trying to get less busy so that I may knit with you all soon :)



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