Sunday, July 15, 2007

I took a Break from Knitting Today

Not really, though. I am nearly finished with the mittens that go with my Irish Hiking Scarf. Just a few more rows of K1P1 and the thumb and they will be ready for the finishing. Quite good.

I did take a knitting break today, since the weather wasn't horrifyingly hot and disgusting today, I actually got out in the yard and did much needed weeding. Then I played in the yard with Gracie. We are working on the tunnel part of the agility kit I got from DP for Hanukkah last year. It is really fun and Gracie is a-dorable when she runs through and sits right away for her praise. It is a blast. Then we ran around playing a fun game called "chase me" that we learned a long time ago. She loves it!

Then I came inside, took a shower, knitted for a bit and got ready to go to a cooking demonstration at The Chopping Block which was a benefit for Felines Inc. a no kill cat shelter here in Chicago. It was a cooking demo which included wine and the food that was cooked in front of us was served to us! Ho-lee smokes was it good. It was a lot of fun too.

I will be making some silent auction items for their benefit October 18th...and I'm offering one knitting and one crochet lesson. Must go, need to finish a baby gift for the shower happening on Tuesday at work...

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  1. Sounds like Gracie is a wonderful friend. Makes me miss Mitzi all the more. Perhaps I can talk Wifey into another one soon.....


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