Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Running with Tea

It was some time ago that I made my foray into loose leaf tea. Well, I'm back on the bagged stuff. And, I got up late today (yet I am still blogging, hmm) and wanted to get to my email before I get ready to go. I don't know why. And, I don't really want to talk about it.

So, my tea cup was overflowed with a mixture of Lipton Black Pearl and Twinings Irish Breakfast (steeped for 5 minutes - yes, I set a timer), a little equal and skim milk (enough to make it a caramel color)...Needless to say I had to wipe some sprinkles and dashes of tea off the floor before I got to sit down and read some blogs this morning.

It's going to be a busy day today, which I like when I am in it...just not when I'm not in it yet. So, I'm capturing the last 5 minutes of morning calm before I have to go to work.

A note on exercise, a rapid walk from the kitchen to the computer does not constitute exercise. Movement, maybe, but not exercise. Last night I was planning to go to the fitness center. It is on the way home from work for crying out loud. I drove there and could not find parking. There were softball games and all kinds of other things going on. So, what did I do? I looked at the clock 7:51 pm, I thought to myself, "Self, the place closes at 9 and you are exhausted and hungry." Then I found myself driving home. Today, people, today I WILL go to the gym and take out my frustration on the eliptical machine.

I did make some progress on my Blue Tweed Tomato. I am very relieved because I am actually seeing some shaping take place (so fun!) and I think I got gauge right. I read EZ's chapter more than three times and then I read a lot on different knitting sites to get many angles on this very simple-seeming math. I had to go one size needles up to an 8 since I'm not using the suggested yarn and because I knit differently. I love EZ's comment on it..."At the risk of disagreeing with the Establishment, may I stress that you be prepared to disregard any needle SIZE recommended in knitting books?" (Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Without Tears p. 47).

Good stuff people. Good stuff.


  1. EZ is my knitting bible. She makes perfect sense, because everyone is different.

    I can't wait to see your FO. I have that pattern queued up after I finish a few KAL WIP's.

    I'm with you on the exercise. I will be walking tonight, even if there is rain (which seems like non stop these days).

  2. EZ is soooo right. I usually have to go down 2, sometimes 3 sizes to get recommended gauge. It's the finished product that counts. Have fun with the Tomato.

  3. Blogging before work- I am so impressed! I can't even drag myself together enough to boil water much less make tea before it's time to dash out the door in the mornings... The knitting is looking good! Can't wait to watch it progress.


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