Saturday, July 14, 2007

It's Here!!!

My dear knitterly (and otherwise) friends and readers...

The Tahki New Tweed is here! I have made a swatch and I am educating myself on the ins and outs of gauge. Truth be told, this is more of the reason I have not yet made anything substantial for myself, I was afraid of gauge. But, now that I have mastered multiple other complex and not so complex concepts in knitting I am ready.

I am reading Elizabeth Zimmerman's chapter about gauge with pen, swatch, 'Knit Chek' ruler, and scrap paper very nearby for calculations. I do believe that I may be knitting another swatch before actually casting on.

But first, allow me to give you the run-down on this lovely yarn. 70% Merino Wool; 15% Silk (because I'm worth it); 11% Cotton; and 4% Viscose. I got blue because, well, honestly it was because it was the one on the Jimmy Beans' site with the most left in the same dye lot. And, I love blue. You will notice that the first sock is from a blue, our countertop is blue...DP's eyes are blue too. I think it is a theme. Oh, do notice the pretty manicured and pink thumbnail. The polish comes off today.


  1. Ooooh it's pretty! Can't wait to watch it in progress! :)

  2. Love blue......what are you going to make with the beautiful blue?

  3. I'm working on the Tomato from No Sheep for You. Obviously, since my yarn had merino wool, there's sheep. I couldn't help myself...


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