Saturday, June 16, 2007

Talking Baking Soda, a Kitchen Story

Once upon a time (today) in a land far or near from you (Chicago) there was an odor. Not just any odor, a kitchen odor. And, there was a DP (aka KJ) who had a nose like a bloodhound, and a cynical knitter who seemed rather ambivalent about the whole thing.

Yesterday, KJ said, "I smell onions."

I said, "oh, I think it is probably the two left on the counter in the netted bag." The same bag that Miss Ruthie (right) likes to lick and lick and lick. She's pretty, but very very quirky.

KJ tossed them into the garbage. I thought I was finished hearing about the onions.

This morning, I got up at 6:30, started tea and reading blogs (I will make a list of my favorites du jour at some point). At 7:00 Miss Gracie (the dog pictured in many previous posts) eats...err consumes dog food at a pace more rapid than a vaccuum... So, I got up and fed her let her out. Then I went downstairs to put the newest of my baby sweaters (so cute) into the dryer. Love that acrylic washable stuff!!!

Then as I was checking my email, I got one from (we get movies in the mail from them) that said that my credit card authorization failed. Grrr. I've been getting these from WW too and keep re-entering the new card info (see Credit Card Scandal post for more information). Nothing. Failure. Aggravation. So I don't know what possessed me to call the credit card company, but I did and as it turns out there was a "password" that I needed to tell them to activate the darn cards. Sheesh. Had to bug KJ for this information (glad she was already up). Duh. Now, magically all is well in credit card authorization land. I hope.

When KJ started to make her tea, "I still smell onions."

Nonchalantly I recall, "hmm, I think there may be a bag of chopped onions I was defrosting (and, clearly, have since forgotten about) that may need to be tossed out."

Bloodhound nosed-KJ scoured the fridge, "aha, what a relief" as she tossed the poor things into the trash.

I'm really not anti-onion. It is just that a bag of them is too many and buying them singly is a pain. And, sometimes I just get lazy. Okay, I don't get lazy, I get distracted. I'd rather be knitting or something than concern myself with odors in the Kitchen.

From the kitchen, "the box of baking soda in the fridge said 'thanks, there was just so much I can do." She's a funny one folks, I'll keep her.

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