Friday, June 15, 2007

Quilty History Part 2

I made several other smaller projects in the two years I dedicated to quilting. Writing about it has made me miss it! Day jobs just seem to get in the way of hobbies ... and yet we need them to pay for the supplies to keep us in our hobbies. When someone figures out a solution to this age-old problem, let me know.

The first house (the one with snow) is my dad and step-mom's house in Ohio. It is actually the house where my dad lived very happily and then died, surrounded by the people who loved him the most: my step-mom, my sister, my brother and their spouses, my DP and me. I used the Replique Quilts technique, by Chris Lynn Kirsch. She spoke at the Quilting Guild the year I was a member. It is a lot of fun!

The yellow house with green shutters is the house where my mom, my step-father and we three kids lived after they first married. It is in Michigan. I used a modified replique technique on this one, fusible webbing. FUN!

I was actually commissioned to do the Batik Bear Paw for a former co-worker. He loved the one I made for my brother. We designed it together from amazing batiks. I still get excited when I look at the pictures ... gorgeous fabrics and lovely to sew with.

The Space Shuttle quilt was done by an online group I participated in, my block (a very simple star) is fourth from the left on the top row. We made one for each family of those lost in that tragedy.

Just to show you the irreverence of my family, I also made a replica of the toilet seat cover that my grandmother (dad's mom) had. We never could find that thing when we cleaned out her house in 1990. So, this is my rendition from memory. When the seat is open, Santa covers his eyes.

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