Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Baby Birdie's Shower (Knitting Content)

Baby Birdie's shower was FILLED with women and gifts. I have to tell you that I am amazed with my own willingness to drive there (2.5 hours without traffic) and show up at a place where I really only know 1 or 2 people. The drive is a feat that I accomplished in April.

A little history...I've never been a big fan of big parties. Even if I know people there, I get super anxious and can't manage the whole thing. Too much anxiety, yuck-o. So, I have avoided these types of events for a long time. But, Birdie's Mama is so important to me and I cannot actually imagine having been anywhere else that day.

Yes, my friends, there were shower games like the baby food challenge. I did not partake but it was alright. There were a few children there which I enjoyed too, amazing how quickly they grow up!

I decided after making two baby sweaters that I needed to give them BOTH to Birdie. I know, now I have to make three more for the summer babies that are due. Poor me, more knitting projects, waaah waaah. Seriously, I'm actually ready to try a different pattern. The two sweaters I made for Birdie were the same pattern, one I made with a hood and ties the other I made without the hood and added buttonholes and buttons (cute little birdie buttons).

While I was there, I was working on a little hat from that lavendar yarn (which I bought a lot of, grr) for the papa of the Birdie to wear home from the hospital -- or not. But since I got home I decided I wanted to make the hat from pink. And, Birdie's cousin who is 10, asked for a hat so I made it from purple chunky and PJ's yarn. PJ's was F-U-N. I'm glad I have more to use. A pic of the hat is to come.

I think I might try the Yarn Harlot's sweater from Knitty next...

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