Monday, June 4, 2007

Bike Riding is FUN!

I am documenting this now, because I will never believe I said it unless I put it in writing. I just rode my bike for an hour (6 plus miles, I think) and I had a really fun time!

I just read a blog called Exercise Before Knitting which inspired me. Just the title, imagine that!

Here's my story of motivation for today (ha ha ha). On Saturday, I went to deposit a couple of checks and the ATM I usually use was out of I went back today...and now there is no more bank branch, much less an ATM!!! No warning or anything. I was a little miffed, and a lot sick of driving in the car. So, I went home and looked up the closest ATM with the ability to make deposits and the closest one was 3.05 miles. I figured I could do it on my bike.

An hour and 6 miles later, I got home deposit made and satisfaction was through the roof!

On a Knitting Note:

Looking forward to 2nd Monday Knitsters (my local knitting group)! Our next meeting is Monday 6/11. Hooray!

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