Thursday, June 7, 2007

Credit Card Scandal

Well, it isn't a scandal...exactly. Remember the TJ Maxx computer security breach? Well, our credit card company just mailed us new credit cards and told us that our old ones were involved in that security breach. Duh, I have been to Marshall's and TJ Maxx many many times...there's a Marshall's in Evanston that has a HUGE shoe department so who could resist?

We aren't the most organized couple on earth, so we had to scan our old bills to see where the credit card number was on file and had to go through and fix it. OMG, what a pain in the tokhes ! And, yesterday DP decided that it was time to upgrade Mozilla and we lost all of our saved passwords. Double pain in the tokes.

The job is nearly finished, but Oy vey!

Hmm. I think I might consider taking a Yiddish is a really funny language.

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