Saturday, June 23, 2007

Product not Process...

Rumor has it that there are two types of knitters...process knitters who like to knit for knittng's sake and product knitters who knit to make stuff.

I wanted very much to believe that I was a process knitter. I enjoy the process...I like learning new techniques...I love yarn...but once I get a technique figured out I frog it and start over until it becomes something I can show to other people and hear "wow, how did you do that." How narcissistic of me. Really, being a show off...hmm, I guess that I am. People who know me are probably saying, "duh..." or "it took you long enough to figure that out."

Today and last night I figured out how to do a cable! I've been terrified of it forever. I'm making a thin strip with a simple cable and seed stitch. I'm going to make it into a hat band (what is this obsession with hats??) and make a smashing hat for someone.

I am going to finish up my mom's stash cast-offs yet!

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