Saturday, May 5, 2007

KIP at a WW Meeting

Well, my blog reading friends...I have celebrated a number of accomplishments today.

1. I worked (started at 9:00 am -- on a Saturday)!
2. I made it to my WW meeting
3. I KIP (Knitted in Public, for the non-knitter) at my WW Meeting
4. I celebrated a 10 pound weight loss since beginning WW in early April.
5. I planted grass seed in the back yard in the bare spots created by Miss Gracie's acidic urine.
6. I planted five "Scottish Moss" plants.
7. This one's really Mother Nature's ... two clematis flowers bloomed.
8. The baby sweater I am knitting actually looks like a sweater.
9. I went to the grocery store and bought yummy but healthy foods.

That is all for today.

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