Monday, May 7, 2007

The Countdown Clock and Birdie's Baby Sweater

Does it count when the countdown clock stops? My DP set this "Time to Go to The Big Day" clock a few years ago to countdown to my 40th birthday (which is now a little over 2 years away), and it stopped on Sunday. Opened up the battery compartment and, can you say corrosion? It is broken beyond repair. So, I ask you, does this mean that I will not turn 40 afterall? Does the passage of time stop? And, with those questions I will transition the topic to Birdie's sweater.

Ooh! I can't believe it. This is a pattern from knitting pure and simple. It is so cute, and such an easy pattern! Thanks, M for suggesting it.

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  1. Hey! You are rocking that baby sweater...I am so impressed! I'm glad that the pattern is a good fit for you and I can't wait to check out the cuteness in less than a week! :)


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