Thursday, May 10, 2007

18:52 & I was going for 20:00

So, how do you like the new template? I think the stichy (kitchy?) Barbie-esque look suits me, okay, well maybe the inner me but that is another topic in itself, isn't it. The far-out mod dots, while quite fabulous, simply do not say what I wanted them to say. I'll maybe experiment with creating my own template (maybe, but I think I'd rather knit instead).

Got up this morning, ate my wheat and bran mini-wheats with skim milk, sat on my tuchus (butt, derier, behind, a@#) for 20 minutes as I ate and watched an episode of HGTV House Hunters. The one in Portland where this young couple with two really cute pugs sold their Victorian for twice what they paid and had to hurry to find a house in the $800,000 to $1 million range. This is dreamland for me. Seriously, I don't know anyone who has a house worth that much. And the places they had to choose from were a-mazing. Then I told myself I must delete that episode from the Tivo and get on the elliptical-style thing we have for 20 minutes. Ugh.

So, cued up the Tivo. Wait -- does one cue a Tivo? It seems awfully undramatic to just push a button or choose a show. Hmm. Your thoughts are more than welcome out there in blog land. Hellooooo? Helloooo? I'm going with cue for now.

(dramatic rewind sounds)

So, I cued up the Tivo to Shear Genius from last night. I am a sucker for these shows. I don't know what that says about me -- and frankly I really don't care, not really. I did a little stretching, because it feels good and "they" say it's a good on the elliptical, let's call it the Metal Machine, and started walking and stepping and going. my mind I'm thinking "gosh this is so boring...focus on the show cynical gal, focus on the long has it been? many steps? is more than Tuesday?...omg it's only been 2 minutes...5 minutes...Tabatha is so mean (she's one of the contestants on Shear Genius) why is she plotting with Dr. Boogie and Anthony to put Tyson out?...oh, it's a commercial, I need to reach down and ff the Tivo...okay, 15 minutes! wow, how did I do that? I rock! Go Me...then C R A S H... the right foot pedal came crashing off and down. 18:52, 1:18 short of the planned 20:00 minutes. I'm okay. I'm flexible. I don't think I hurt myself, I am more ticked off about the fact that I was 1:18 short of the goal.


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