Tuesday, May 15, 2007

2nd Monday Knitsters Birthday Party

A great time was had by all. For real. Last night we had our birthday celebration, sorry we didn't have G to celebrate with us -- she sprained her neck and can't drive as a result. Ouch. I will stop complaining about my overdoing it pains of yesterday.

I got there 10 minutes late, which isn't bad since I left the house at 6:30 and needed to stop at Starbuck's to get giftcards to add to my birthday parcels for the girls. Can I add that M drives a significant distance to join us on Monday nights for knitting at Wilson and Kedzie? I sure appreciate it, but think we can certainly meet someplace a little more mid-way next time.

When I got there, I sat down and immediately wanted to bestow my gifts upon my knitterly friends. So we did the gift exchange straight away. M gave each of us knitting needles that light up, which will allow for in-the-dark knitting like in the car, the movies (maybe), in bed at night...the possibilities for knitting 24 hours have significantly grown with this new addition to my tool box. And, I've been admiring them from afar for quite some time. Thanks, M!!

gave each of us a very cute card and brought a sample of what is yet to come. On her blog you can see the fantastic fabrics she is using to make knitting needle holders that roll up (for travel, again with the endless possibilities for 24 hour 7 day a week knitting). Thanks, S! She does gorgeous work on that sewing machine, even if she bent her bobbin holder and can't use the machine right now. Thus, there will be a delay in gift-delivery, which is fine by me. Quality takes time (and an operating sewing machine).

M made a really great berry and Cool Whip Lite filled angel food cake which was a recipe from Cooking Light to be WW friendly. Besides being really really thoughtful, it was YUM-MY. S brought what might be the cutest little chocolate cake with white buttercream frosting (yes, I saved a LOT of points for this evening and perhaps dipped into the weekly supply of bonus points). She also brought a beautiful loaf of bread and brie (I passed on those because the berries and cakes seemed a lot more appealing, I am after all a sugar addict). I brought strawberries, carrots and hummus. M also put out a great veggie tray. I didn't pass on those. Veggies and hummus is good stuff.

Enough about the food already...what about the WIP's (works in progress). M is working on a VERY soft zig-zag lap afghan for a friend who is getting married soon, very soon. Don't worry, she is almost done! She is a power knitter. Her work is precise and looks professional. I am consistently thankful to call her a friend due to this set of abilities, not to mention her world outlook, her kindness and her overall good nature.

S is working on a really nice color Oatmeal and beige scarf in garter stitch. I like that she isn't bored with scarves yet. I get bored so easily that I think I'm not simply a process knitter. I am a pioneer and like to try new things. I just finished the knitting part of the Baby Birdie sweater and got instruction from M about blocking it which I will do this weekend. I am also working on the first of two (I guarantee that it will be two) socks from Austerman Steppe yarn. And (I have succumbed to having more than one project at a time) a lampshade from Rowan Cotton Tape in a pretty shade of periwinkle, which they call something else. I need the balance of thick and thin (sock yarn and cotton tape) to keep my hands feeling nimble and pain free.

Incidentally, I am finding that my grip on the needles has lessened significantly since Sunday's overdoing. My hands are sore so I hold the needles without the death grip. Besides, if I drop a stitch, I now have figured out how to pick it back up. Phew.

I'll add photos later today.

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  1. You absolutely just made my day with your very sweet comments about me...Thanks! I really enjoyed seeing you last night and I'm looking forward to being able to do it again...:)


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