Sunday, May 13, 2007

Busy Sunday - Whoa!

I am hurting. Seriously, I started the day with a half mile (.7 to be exact) walk with Gracie at a relatively brisk pace. Then, I sat down at the computer studying paint combinations for the guest was kind of fun, the Behr website (and Glidden and Sherwin Williams...) have cool tools for trying to envision the colors together.

Initially we were thinking white walls and blue trim, then I recalled the Merlot Wine and Wistful Gray incident. I made up the names of the colors; I don't remember them and I do not feel up to going down the basement to look at the lids of the paint cans. Dark trim with light walls won't fly in the smallish rooms in our house. I really wanted a khaki/taupe color on the walls or as trim and DP (dear partner) wanted blue. Oye, more blue. The kitchen is blue, the bathroom is blue, our bedding is blue...I wanted a change.

I decided on the accent wall concept. Some readers may know that I painted an accent wall in the bedroom a few weeks ago. And, that I watch a LOT of Home and Garden TV. Anyway, I digress...So we now have a Windsurf Blue accent wall with three other walls in Gallery Taupe. The trim, not yet painted, will be one of the many variations of white that Behr has to offer, Soft Lace. We are still trying to decide about what we are going to do with the ceiling. It has ceiling tiles that we are afraid to remove for fear of what they cover.

I moved the bed in there, DP made it up. It is lovely. I am thrilled with it, even though it is still in progress. I am a fan of process though, so all's well.

I spent about 2 hours earlier today in the garden. I planted two tomato plants, marigolds, cucumbers, and still need to decide what I'm going to do with the 6 ' planter along the fence. I filled it with garden soil (it took 4 - 40 lb bags) and need to put something in there soon before the weeds take over.

The clematis plants are thriving! All else is doing well too.

So, now, I'm experiencing the muscular awareness of how busy I was today. Aleve and the epsom salt bath seemed to help, a little.

Tomorrow our knitting group has our birthday celebration! Yay!!

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  1. It's lovely- great work! You're inspiring me. I've got to get the bedroom painted before the smug-hot days are here.


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