Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Yarn Harlot Field Trip

Note: the photo at the left is a wishful photo of my peonies. I want spring. Think spring, think spring, think spring...

Umm, yeah. I bought the Meditations for Women who Knit Too Much off the table at Borders some time ago as a gift for my mom. This was before the knitting bug bit me. I am obsessed. I bought Knitting Rules! and the new one. I can't wait to read. Trouble is that reading cuts into my knitting time.

Four weeks ago, my knitting group - consisting of MH, SW, and myself, decided to go see the Yarn Harlot in Oak Brook on April 3rd. I took the day off work. I went for a doctor's appointment in the morning (yuck), ran a bunch of errands: pick up a prescription, drop off dry cleaning, start a load of laundry, get dinner ready for the DP (Dear Partner), and get my knitting ready for the venture to the 'burbs.

I am making my first sock. My mom gave me one or two skeins of some of her extras...I came away with one of those giant storage-sized ziplock bags absolutey crammed with Plymouth DK acrylic/wool blend (priced at $3.25 a skein -- that's how old it is), and a veritable cornucopia of gorgeous yarns. What better small project to make but socks.

My friend, and birthday pal (we share the same birthday - different year, but nevermind that), taught me short rows. Rock on, after 12 tries, I have moved past the short rows back on to live stitches from a provisional cast-on. I had only dreamed of saying all those terms in one sentence and actually meaning it.

Three or four years ago, I joined a knitting group as the sole crochet-er. I'd tried to knit on and off since I was very young. Now, here I am working on my first sock. I'm using 2.25 " dpns. I love the dpns. I'm converted.

Anyway, the Yarn Harlot Field Trip! We left Chicago at 3:30 p.m. We got to Oak Brook around 4:30 or so and went to eat. I had a sensible stir fry at Stir Crazy -- I got to cram so many veggies in that little miniwok they gave me. I had leftovers. Yay.

When we were in the restaurant, two very kind women with their knitting showed up. The competitive "2nd Monday Knitters" (ooh, so creative) decided that it was time to get going...had. to. get. our. seats!!!

We got there around 5:15 or so, we got seats in the second row! Rockin'

Stephanie is Hi-larious!! Go girl!

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