Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sleep Disordered Knitter

Let me tell you about my sleeping problem. As if you really care, right? Well, I have this need for the knitting. So much so that sometimes I am knitting before I go to sleep at night and I wake up with knitting needles in my hands in mid-stitch. Seriously, this happened this afternoon. After a long day of errands and leisure (I'm on vacation from work, so leisure is part of the program), I got home at 4:00. I must have dozed off soon after sitting down because I didn't get far with my cast on. I woke up at 7 thinking, oh my stars I slept through the night and I feel like I haven't rested. So, I went into a room with a clock and saw that it was, indeed 7:00. I still really wasn't sure if it was a.m. or p.m. I think when I turned on the TV and saw prime time shows I felt more convinced -- and completely relieved -- that it was p.m. So, I fed Gracie and let her out whilst in my post-nap stupor. I started to try and get ready to actually go back to sleep and felt the need for a Girl Scout Cookie or two, or four. So, I did. I still had plenty of points for today so I'm still in range. Plus I walked earlier today and if I hadn't had the cookies, I would have had them eventually. Note to self, why get defensive with the blog? They don't really care whether I have Thin Mints or not.

Anyway, Gracie the Golden Retriever got a "Labrador Buzz Cut" today. she looks like a little puppy. OMG, it is hard to get used to. But she is cute. I'll post a photo if I can, DP has the camera in San Francisco this week. The photo is from my cell phone, so the quality isn't there. But, you get the idea. Her ears are so floppy, it's adorable.

Getting sleepy, but want to at least cast on and do a row or two of the baby sweater I'm making for BB. I'm using King Cole Smooth. It's a lovely soft acrylic. Wish me luck.

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  1. What a cutie! That cut does make her look like a puppy! I hope that you are feeling more well rested after a full night's sleep...And ready for another day of relaxation and fun! Gotta love vacation...:)


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