Sunday, April 15, 2007

Where's the Kit-ty?

I think that Georgie liked the attention of my God-daughter, E, even though she pulled his tail until he nearly screamed - more than once. He kept going back to her, but he also kept running away.

"Where's the tat? He play hide seek?"

This kid really loves animals. She took Gracie by the collar and walked her up and down the house. Gracie was a good sport. She let E do whatever she wanted to do, it was simply blissful that the practically undivided attention of a loving little girl was hers for nearly two full days.

We went to the zoo on the gorgeous Sunday in Chicago we just had. I was fabulous to see Miss E laughing and giggling at the cows. I took a photo of the llamas...because, I tell you, what would a knitter be without a photograph of llamas?

Stay tuned for more tales from a cynical gal.

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