Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Knitting and Tea

Good Morning.

On this, the middle of my vacation week, I write as I sip from the brewed loose leaf Yunnan tea that my dear friend J gave to me. I got myself an Assam tea brewing teapot at Tar-szhay in Grand Rapids, Michigan (ooh, an import). I have tried three of the four teas that she chose for me: Assam, Kenilworth Ceylon, and now Yunnan. The fourth, my personal favorite, is Irish Breakfast. I saved it for last since I know I will like that one.

I ought to do a little research (see my research on apples in an earlier post) on the blends, because I can certainly taste a difference in these teas. I'll admit that Assam tasted a little sweet and like Lipton so it will be good in smaller doses. My plan is to make a blend of my own once I have an idea of the subtle differences. Loose leaf tea is absolutely better than bagged tea in my book - save for the new Lipton Black Pearl which is a blend of orange pekoe and pekoe. As the tea connosieur knows this does not mean it is orange flavored. More research is needed though, because that is where my knowledge stops. Actually, my memory stops there because I've done that research before. Oh well, need caffeine and will continue to sip my Yunnan tea from the Coffee and Tea Exchange in Chicago.

Busy day today, I have an appointment in the morning (in an hour, actually so getting ready ought to be more a priority right now). Then I have lunch with a young woman I used to supervise -- Indian food on Devon Street. MMM. Then, I have clients this evening before I trek out to Wilmette for my sleep study. People keep asking me if I am getting paid for the sleep study and alas, no, I am paying them to study my sleep so I can start getting some!

Miss Idgie (the black and white one) is sitting on the mouse right now (the computer mouse, not the squeaky creepy kind), I wish you could see her. Honestly, she's so cute, and I far prefer to have her there than on the keyboard or in front of the monitor which are places she also tends to frequent.

Miss Ruthie (the fruffy diva) is on the suitcase I have on the floor which I intend to unpack at some point in the near future. I am notorious for putting that task off.

I must dash for now. Need to have time to pack up my knitting so I can take it with me for the brief waiting periods associated with each day in the life of this cynical knitting gal whose cynicism seems to fluctuate with the wind.

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  1. Hey sleepy knitter! Hope the study goes well- missed you at work this week! :) Happy knits and keep up the tea work- antioxidants and relaxation in one nice package.


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