Sunday, April 8, 2007

How 'bout Them Apples

Joining Weight Watchers has given me a new appreciation for apples. A good apple is better than a Snickers bar - no, really, it is! I don't feel sick and dizzy from the sugar rush from an apple the way I do from the caramel, chocolate and yummy nougat of a Snickers. Okay, well, Snickers bars have their place. For now, I am going to work with the apple being a superior snack. Work with me, people, work with me.

Used to be that the Granny Smith was my favorite, cut in half, cored and with a nice glob of peanut butter on each half. Then there was a long period of time when I didn't eat apples. I think that Snickers and other various Junque Cuisine were higher on the list.

When I returned to apples a short while back, I found Pink Lady, Fuji, Honeycrisp...and now, Cameo is my new favorite. Plus, take note of the perfectly shaped and sized bag with handles fit for knitting...

Some interesting Apple-related Websites:

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  1. Great blog! I feel very special for having rated a mention...I am so excited the socks are going well for you, and I do believe that I have infected you with the sock bug...Now we can enable each other with the sock yarn! I've got you bookmarked, so I'll be checking back soon...


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