Tuesday, April 10, 2007

2nd Monday Knitsters

Last night we had our knitting group, at Starbuck's (yum). M finished the adorable baby sweater from tie dye color yarn - so cute! She did all but the seaming up. S bought some lovely sock yarn on her way over and decided to learn how to knit on dpns. I attempted to teach her and she learns quickly! She told me, though, that casting on 32 stitches will make a tube that will make a cute skirt for my Barbie doll. I didn't even think of that...but it would. So, when she finishes it, I'll take a pic of Barbie in her new frock. G taught herself to knit in one night and she is working on a soft, very impressively even blanket. The corners are a true 90 degrees -- on her first knitting effort!!!

We chatted about work stuff, yarn stuff, and our meeting next month which is the Birthday meeting! The three founders (and the core group) have birthdays within days of each other. Wait, let me clarify. M and I have the same birthday, and S's birthday is two days before. Happy month before your birthdays knister girls.

Stephanie (The Yarn Harlot) has now posted pics from Chicago and there we are in the second row. M has her camera phone up and photographing, S and I are cheesing it because we know we were being photographed. In the other pics we seem to be deeply engulfed in our projects.

And, just before the Barista bounced over to our table to tell us they would be closing in ten minutes (yup, we closed the place down - crazy us)...a little scruffy Polish man came up and said in his accented English, "oh, just like my mother in Poland." It was so sweet.

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