Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I am - like many of you I'm sure - starting to get many many many catalogs in the mail. Yesterday Talbot's came. I did not know that Talbot's carries "plus" sizes (I'm steady in the 1x/small 2x range). I saw this sweater (photo is from their online catalog).
Now you may or may not recall the February Lady I attempted to make for a friend from Jaeger was nearly done and it was just slightly too big for her. I ripped it out that day and haven't touched it since because my feelings were so hurt...I think I was feeling very sensitive that day. Crap, I have a lot of those days but that's another blog altogether.
So...I vowed I'd make something else entirely. And, this Talbot's one is made from exactly the same fiber combo as my Jaeger Roma. The color I have is a sage green and it is lovely to work with.
My plan is to copy the design/shape of this and see how it turns out. Good news to those of you who might be waiting for patterns from me...I have some time off the next two weeks (starting Friday, YEAH!) so that's on my list.
Have a lovely day!


  1. Good luck...let us know how it progresses! (Ella says 'hi to gracie'.


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