Saturday, November 7, 2009

Reunion with my Dear Friend

Giftie. Yay!

So, you all know what kind of a clown this dog Gracie can be...listen to this...

Sarah was coming over and we were going to head to brunch at The Alps - a diner very near to our house that just re-opened after MANY years.

I went for a walk about 25 min before Sarah was to arrive, and ended up stopping at a neighbor's house (I was walking to her house to pick something up from her) and chatting a little longer than expected. I was still at the neighbor's house when Sarah called to say she was sitting on my front porch -- oops! I apologized and said I'd be there in 10 min.

Then I called Lehu to let her know, and Gracie went out to the front porch, grabbed the giftie that was wrapped in gorgous golden fabric, and ran...I hear all of the hubub on the telephone. It was so funny.

In the pretty wrapping (re-usable LOVE IT) was a great canvas tote, perfect for knitting projects, and a really cute purple-decorated tape measure. NOTHING that Gracie might be even remotely interested in.

Hope you had a great day. The weather here was aMAzing today.


  1. Sissy would like to point out that tape measures are a life-long favorite of hers, just to carry around, not to chew upon.

    Tomorrow is going to be a BATH day for our girls.

  2. Gracie says she feel obligated to check out any and all incoming packages for safety reasons. Yeah, that's the ticket... it's all about safety.


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