Sunday, June 7, 2009

Summer Sundays

A few Sundays ago (when it was not overcast or raining) we brought out the hammock again...Lehu enjoyed a nice relaxing afternoon with a 50 pound Golden Retriever on her feet. When Lehu got out of the hammock, guess who stayed...

And stayed...

...and stayed...

And stayed.
I love this dog, she cracks me up!


  1. oh she is just so cute
    just the type of thing my mutt would love to do given half tha chance!!

  2. How cute is that?! Mugsy loved the hammock, but I don't think I ever got photos. I really do need the Knight to drag our hammock out and put it up; Sissy would TOTALLY love to jump in and out!

  3. I've never seen on a dog on a hammock! This is so cute!


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